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Kalon Barak Skyline Ridge, Malungon Sarangani Province

A view of Mt. Matutum from Kalon Barak.
I was allured by the 360-degree view of Kalon Barak. On a sunny day, you'll get to see the peak of Mt. Matutum, Mt. Apo, Mt. Parker and endless mountain ranges of Sarangani Province. And if you get lucky, a rainbow may appear and get to see it closer as I had experienced during my second visit.
A rainbow at Kalon Barak.
Being an elevated area with 2,677 feet, wind breeze continues to give me chills much more at night until the break of dawn. Reimagining how the three of us slept in a hammock just below the old house of the mayor of Malungon where we stayed, it was one of the coldest night yet we survived.

At early morning, the place was covered with fogs slowly disappearing as the sun rays start to meet the grounds despite the thick clouds. I wasn't that lucky to witness a beautiful sunrise on my time of visit, but a friend of mine did and it's magical as seen on his captured video. Sea of clouds are also exciting and equally magical, but it's not happening every day.

Welcoming the sunrise at Kalon Barak.
Noticeably, the pine trees which serves as the landmark of Kalon Barak Skyline Ridge are undoubtedly a knockout for most visitors. You could sit and relax on the bench while watching it dance as it breeze. There are benches available where picnic goers and campers can sit comfortably while enjoying the good view.

Pine Trees at Kalon Barak.
At night, any group can have a chat while warming themselves up around a bonfire and under the stars. Don't forget to bring marshmallows, or ask the management at Kalon Barak if you don't have one. It's fun and enjoyable, an experience worth doing before you go inside your tents to sleep.
Warming up around a bonfire. Photo by Ellaine and Kian.
For the adventuresome ones, you can also do a sidetrip to a small cascading waterfall called Malok Falls about 4kms away from the Skyline Ridge and a cave to explore near the IP-Indigenous People Village. You can ask a local to accompany and guide you for a minimal fee. These places requires a trek for about an hour or two depending on your pace so you should bring water to hydrate yourself while on the way and going back.
Malok Falls.

How to go to Kalon Barak Skyline Ridge

Going there is simple and very accessible to both public and private transport.
I love Malungon Sign at the Municipal hall of Malungon.
If you are coming from Davao City or Digos City through public transport, catch a bus bound for GenSan or General Santos City at either Davao-Ecoland Bus Terminal or Digos Bus Terminal and drop off at Malungon Terminal. At Malungon Terminal, there are habal-habal that you can hire and would bring you right at the gate of Kalon Barak Skyline Ridge.

Travel time from Davao to Malungon is around 2 and a half hours on a one stop airconditioned bus bound to Gensan. These buses never pass at any terminals to pick up passengers except only at Digos City so you have to inform the driver or bus conductors to just drop you off on the highway near the terminal.

If you choose the Deluxe buses and non-aircon one, it would take you more time as it passes on every terminal of every municipality you pass by to pick up passengers. The fare is cheaper for sure but you don't want to waste time for a long travel, don't you?

If you are coming from GenSan, ride a bus bound for Davao City or Digos City and drop off at Malungon Terminal. At Malungon Terminal, there are habal-habal that you can hire and would bring you right at the gate of Kalon Barak Skyline Ridge.

For the one's traveling on a private vehicle, the way that will lead you to Kalon Barak is beside an elementary school adjacent to Petron gasoline station just along the highway some 200 meters away from the terminal if you are coming from Davao or Digos City. Remember that you can always ask the friendly locals if you are not sure.

Fares and other fees

This was based on my experience traveling from Davao City so this is the only one I can share.
  • One stop aircon bus from Davao to Malungon= PhP240.00
  • Haba-habal from Malungon Terminal to Kalon Barak=Php50.00
  • Kalon Barak Entrance Fee=NONE, just donation of any amount that you have to drop on the box.
  • Tent Rental=PhP250.00 good for 2persons and PhP350.00 good for 3-4 persons
  • Ground rental if you have your own tent=PhP100.00

Friendly reminders

I mentioned that it is cold at Kalon Barak especially at dawn so if you are staying overnight, bring jackets and blankets to keep you warm. 

Bring foods that would last for your whole duration at the place. They do sell goods like water, soft drinks, coffee, cup noodles and more but there is no restaurant at Kalon Barak that could serve you viand and a hot cup of rice so be prepared.

They are continually improving the place and in no time, the facilities are going to improve for sure.

For more details, you can contact Malungon Tourism on this number 09393046739.

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