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Must go places for an all packed adventure in Siquijor Province.

The "Island of Fire" as the Spaniards called it during the Spanish Colonial period in the Philippines, this enchanting island province of Siquijor which is located in the central Visayas region lies southeast from the Islands of Cebu and Negros and southwest from Bohol. 
Siquijor has a total land area of 327 square kilometers, a coastline of 102 kilometers long and is the 3rd smallest province of the Philippines in terms of population and land area next to Camiguin and Batanes. Mount Bandilaan is the highest point with an elevation of 628 meters (2,060 ft).

Must go places in Siquijor
There's a lot to do in Siquijor and there's no other better local guide than the drivers. This is just my preference, but of course you can coordinate to the local tourism office and ask for their assistance. Details are below the post.
So for an all packed adventure in Siquijor, you should also try to visit this places as suggested by our driver and guide.
Capilay Spring Park, San Juan, Siquijor
What makes this Park different among other parks is that, the pools are readily available for everyone who wanted to swim and plunge. Picnic tables and kiosk are available for people who wish to enjoy the place.
Capilay Spring Park.
Enchanted Balete Tree
We've heard many eerie stories about Siquijor that's been passed by generations. Believe it or not, I went out alone one night in search for a "Sari-sari store" to buy a pack of cigarette and to my surprise, stores are closed early and I've only seen 2 persons along the way. I walked like a kilometer to find an open one yet I never heard a single dog howling nor did I feel something spookish.  The only enchanting part of our whole travel to Siquijor is seeing this 400 plus years old Balete tree and it is enchantingly beautiful.
The 400+ years old Balete Tree
What's more amazing is the natural and cold spring flowing from the base of the balete tree into the manmade pool. Yo can dip your feet and wait until small fishes start to nibble on your callouses and dried skin. :) Instant fish spa located just by the road of Lazi, Siquijor.
Small tickling bite at a time. :)
Cambugahay Falls
Cambugahay Falls.
A cascade of waterfalls famous for its Tarzan swing you should never fail to try when visiting Siquijor. The cold and clean water is indeed refreshing and a lot of local and foreign tourists enjoy this majestic place more than we do.
Swinging like Tarzan,
Salagdoong Beach
Salagdoong Beach
Salagdoong Beach can be found in the town of Maria, Siquijor. Before we reached the beach, we passed by a forest of different species of trees.
A forest before Salagdoong beach
Salagdoong beach is famous for its stretched of white sand beach and cliff jumping for people with brave souls. One can enjoy either the beach or both the beach and the jumping flat form before the plunge.
Salagdoong beach
Enrique Villanueva Beach
Moving on and continue going round the island of Siquijor, we passed by the coastal area of the town of Enrique Villanueva around mid afternoon while on our way to the Tulapos Mangrove and Marine Sanctuary. There's a spot that caught our attention, being the sea is just beside the road, there's a hammock hanging between two trees. With the sea as the background, we thought it would be a perfect spot for picture taking.

Hammock by the beach of Enrique Villanueva
After a short photo op at Enrique Villanueva, we then headed to our last destination of the day which is the Tulapos Mangrove and Marine Sanctuary. We just relaxed, enjoying the view while the sun starts to sets, sharing stories with our driver/guide while we delight ourselves with Halo-halo served at the restaurant.

I and my friends had an awesome 2 days and 2 nights at Siquijor. I know there are places we missed to go because we need to meet our travel schedule to the next Island-Guimaras, but that's the reason for us to go back to Siquijor Island soon.

How to get to Siquijor
One should take a flight to the nearest Airport in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. At Dumaguete, go straight to the port and ride a ferry boat that would get you to Siquijor. Another option is a flight from Cebu or Bacolod, and then take around 6 hours bus ride to Dumaguete City. I would suggest the later part if you decide to add some places along the way as part of your itinerary.

In our case, we landed in Bacolod to visit The Ruins of Talisay City. At late night, rode and slept on the bus to Dumaguete City and went straight to Apo Island to swim with the Pawikans before we headed for Siquijor.

Getting around Siquijor
The major mode of transportation in the Island are tricycles and Jeepneys. Jeepneys could get you from one municipality to another but travel schedule is only limited like twice a day. On the other hand, tricycles could get you almost anywhere but drivers used to offer a fixed and standard price per travel per day. In our case, we hired one during our whole day tour and it cost us 1,200.00 pesos. The tricycle could carry up to four passengers and available for haggling right outside the port.

Where to stay in Siquijor
Our room at Replica Manor
There are plenty of Hostels in the Island of Siquijor, in our case we stayed at Replica Manor in town of San Juan where we stayed 2 nights at a 4 bedroom room for only 900.00 pesos/night with private bathroom, tv and air conditioning. You can contact them at (035)480-5554 for booking.

Driver and guide
Eating Halo-halo with Kuya Loloy on yellow shirt
If you wish to follow our route and hire the same driver/guide, you can contact kuya Loloy at +639097561901. You may also contact the Provincial Tourism Office of Siquijor to seek assistance at (035)344-2088.

If you enjoy this post, please help me share or you can drop your Siquijor experience at the comment section.

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