Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hagimit Falls, Piñaplata, Island Garden City of Samal

The Hagimit Falls
Having been living and working in Davao City for five years now, I've visited Samal and Talikud Islands countless of times mostly for a day tour or overnight stay at the beach where it is commonly known for. My personal favorites among beach resorts that I've been to so far are Isla Reta in Talikud Island, and the Samalan Camp and Sea in Kaputian.

Perhaps it is not known to others, Samal Island aside from beautiful beach resorts, the bat cave, and the famous slides in Maxima or blue jazz, there exist a waterfall underneath the lush vegetation of different species of trees located in Brgy. Cawag, Piñaplata. 

After paying an entrance fee of 40.00 pesos, there's a paved step that will lead you down to the falls. Hagimit falls is composed of small cascades and where the water falls, there are small pools where people can enjoy its cold waters. 

Open cottages are open for rental with price ranges from 150-300 depending on its size and capacity.

It is best to visit Hagimit Falls early in the morning, then head over to 'blue birds' and enjoy the overlooking view of Davao City and the resort nearby before going to Kaputian beach park for lunch or overnight camping stay.

How to go to Hagimit Falls

From Davao City, simply head to Sasa wharf and ride a barge that carries vehicles and passengers to and from Samal Island. The fee is only 10 pesos per person and travel time only takes around 10-15 minutes. 

From the Wharf of Samal, hire a habal-habal or tricycle to Hagimit Falls. Travel time is around 30-45 minutes for about 150 pesos.

Alternatively, you can ride the Island City Express bus going to Piñaplata, Samal at the terminal in Banggoy St., Davao City. Drop off at the terminal in Piñaplata which is also on the same compound of the Central Warehouse store where you can buy foods, water, and other supplies. Bus fare is 75 pesos and travel time is about an hour. 

From Piñaplate Terminal, hire a habal-habal or Tricycle to Hagimit falls for only 50 pesos which will take around 15-20 minutes.

A bamboo raft can be use free of charge.

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