Island Hopping at Britania Group of Islands

I have visited Britania group of Islands twice already and only, this time, I am writing a blog post about it. Main activity to do is, of course, island hopping, swimming, snorkeling, and rides which I think is expensive and not worthy to spend money from for someone like me who is always on a tight budget.

Let’s focus on island hopping by which duration depends on the group of people or individuals renting the boat. Usually, people go for Island hopping in the morning, stop on the last island and stay there after lunch or even up to late afternoon. It really depends if you have so much time to stay longer but the fee would still be the same depending on the boat’s size or passenger capacity and the number of Islands that you are visiting.

We took the 4 major Islands that is basically offered by most boatmen. For a boat that can accommodate up to 15 persons, the rate is 1,500.00 pesos and 2,000.00 pesos for a boat that can accommodate up to 20 persons (as of May 2016).

Entrance and environmental fees are also collected for non-residence of San Agustine before entering Britania for more or less 25.00 pesos each.

The Island Hopping

Approaching Hagonoy Island. Taken by my friend on her DSLR, June 2015.
Island hopping itinerary begins by going to the farthest island first namely the Hagonoy Island. This one, in my opinion, is the most beautiful among all Islands that I've visited in Britania. Far yet worth it. It has only few coconut trees that provide shade as seen while approaching. Jumping off the boat on the shore of Hagonoy island, the soft white sand and the super clear  water excites me and the overall surroundings of this island is just impressively beautiful. 
Closer look of Hagonoy Island. Taken using my mobile phone, May 2016.
After spending some time at Hagonoy, we then navigate to its nearest neighbor the Naked Island. It was named Naked since there are no signs or forms of vegetation in the island. Everything that there is, is powdery white sand. With the scorching heat of the summer sun, you wouldn't want to stay longer in this island but overall, visiting it is a must because it's still beautiful.

A group having a photo shoot at Naked Island.
There is still one Island which is part of the itinerary that we skip, it's called Hiyor-Hiyoran Island. We decided to stay longer at Boslon Island where most people stay longer till late afternoon. We had our lunch and it's where we've enjoyed swimming a lot. It's a bit crowded since most  island hoppers choose to stop there before heading home.
Swimming at Boslon Island with the view of Paglangagan Islands on the background.
If you are planning to visit soon, make sure that you bring enough supplies like water and ready to eat foods since there are no stores in the island. If you really need to buy something important, you can always ask your  boatman but for an additional charge.

How to go to Britania

Going to Britania from Davao city on a public transport is easy. Simply go to Ecoland Bus Terminal and ride a bus bound to Tandag. Drop off at Brgy. Salvacion in San Agustin and from there, hire a habal-habal going to Britania. Note that there are only 2 trips bound to Tandag each day. One leave at 12 midnight and the next is at 6 AM. Fare is 410 and travel time is around 6 hours.

If you are already in Bislig City because you decide to go to Tinuy-an Falls first, just simply go back to Bislig City Terminal or also known as Mangagoy-the town center of Bislig and ride a bus bound to Barobo. Travel time is around 1 and half hour and cost 105.00 pesos. From Barobo terminal, take another ride bound to Tandag and drop at Brgy. Salavacion, San Agustine. Travel time is about half an hour and cost 40.00 pesos. From there, hire a habal-habal to bring you to Britania for only 25.00 pesos.

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