Things to do when visiting Balut Island-Sarangani Islands, Sarangani, Davao Occidental

The municipality of Sarangani in Davao Occidental is consists of two major Islands, the Balut Island and Sarangani Island, and an islet called Olanivan Island. These islands were located in the south of Mindanao in the Celebes Sea. Mabila, in Balut Island is the town's center for commerce and local government.
At Olanivan Island. Photo by sir Japhet Moralde.

Balut Island is the largest of the islands mentioned above, better cultivated and the higher one with an elevation of 2,828 ft. above sea level. At the center of the Island is Balut Volcano, a fumarolic volcano that has no history of an eruption.
Sunrise at Mabila Port, Balut Island. At Olanivan Island. Photo by sir Japhet Moralde.
In this article, I am going to summarize the activities that I and the group experienced and you should do too when visiting these Islands. Please see below as follows.

1. Trek to the top of Balut Island

Trek to the top of Balut Volcano. At Olanivan Island. Photo by sir Japhet Moralde.
I already mentioned that Balut Island is the higher one among three Islands. Trekking to the top of this island is an awesome experience. In fact, Balut is my second climb and OsmeƱa Peak in Cebu was my first. It is best to climb during the morning so that you'll get to experience a clearer panoramic view of the islands. On our case, we climb on a mid-afternoon until the sunset, and by the time we reached the peak, the view wasn't clear because it was really foggy. I enjoyed the temperature, though it was cold. One thing to consider, ask the local tourism office for someone to guide you, it is always advisable to come with knowledgeable local.
Creepy Peak of  Balut Volcano

2. Island Hopping

Balut Island as seen in Tuke Maklang Beach. At Olanivan Island. Photo by sir Japhet Moralde.
Island hopping is the major activity that the tourism office of Sarangani has to offer to their visitors. This one for me is the most exciting part because you'll get to tour around the islands using the motor operated boat and get to experience the unspoiled beaches especially in Sarangani Island and in Olanivan Island.

Here are the places you'll get to see and enjoy during the duration of the Island Hopping Activity.

Marorong or Ballistic Islet

Close to the port of Mabila at 130 meters away. This islet is where the explorer Ruy Lopes de Vilalobos and his men once stayed during their exploration. On our time of visit, the local tribes entertained us with their dances and fed us with great local foods.

Tuke Maklang Beach

Tents at Tuke Maklang Beach
Tuke Maklang beach is owned by the current mayor of the Municipality of Sarangani. This one is quite developed and offers accommodation at an affordable rate to its guest. It is where we stayed for a night that we are on the Island. Pitching tents are okay and free of charge. We only pay an overnight entrance fee of 20 pesos. They had a store if you need to buy stuff, a kiosk or 'kubo' for you to rest and eat, a maintained comfort rooms, videoke machines to enjoy and the area is a bat sanctuary and it's nice to see them hanging on a tree, sleeping during the day. Electricity is only available around 4 PM to 10 PM.
The Shore of Tuke Maklang

Sabang Hot Spring

At Sabang Hot Spring. At Olanivan Island. Photo by sir Japhet Moralde.
Sabang hot spring is located in Barangay Lipol, Balut Island. This used to be an organized and maintained resort located just by the rocky shore of Lipol but for reasons I don't know, it is now abandoned and left open for all the visitors who'd like to visit. Be extra careful not to submerge your feet or hands in the water, because as you can see, the smoke signifies that the water is really hot. We actually tried to boil some eggs and it was half-cooked after 15 minutes.

The abandoned Sabang Hot Spring. At Olanivan Island. Photo by sir Japhet Moralde.

Paras Beach

Selfie at Paras Beach
Named after the sure name of the owner, this beach remains natural as it is, never been spoiled or altered. We've spent 3 hours on this beautiful white sand beach, cooking for lunch and a dip in its clear waters that is rich with corals. Coconuts are everywhere since it is the major agricultural products of the people in the Island. You can purchase fresh ones by asking the caretaker of the beach.

    Olanivan Island

    A pic at Olanivan Island
    Our journey to these Island with powdery white sand was quite difficult. Waves tend to get higher and bigger making it hard for all of us. I still managed to stay calm though even the fact that I was seated above the roof of the boat. On smooth sailing time, I still handle to take selfies. lol Olanivan is truly an experience of a lifetime, the journey to these farthest to reach island itself was already memorable, and the beach, amazing! You can circle around the island for like 30 minutes walk on its shore, play with its soft sands or swim on the big waves that come ashore.
    About to leave Olanivan Island. (look at the sand) At Olanivan Island. Photo by sir Japhet Moralde.
    Come visit Balut Island-Sarangani Islands, Sarangani, Davao Occidental and experience the incomparable beauty of this part of Mindanao!

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