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2 Nights and 2 Days Around South Cebu: Where to go and what to do.

Are you planning to do a trip in a beautiful Island of Cebu? When we talk about adventures in the province of Cebu, the southern part of the Island has it all. From beautiful beaches, friendly giant sea creatures, waterfalls chasing, canyoneering, old churches since Spanish era, to the famous chicharon and lechon you will ever taste, they have it all!

I flew from Davao to Cebu sometime in August 2015 feeling positive about my plan to explore South Cebu. I informed my friends in Cebu prior to flying and they decided to do the tour with me. My adrenaline was put on high knowing we’ll go road trippin’ around South Cebu. All expenses from gas, food and accommodation were all split to four.

So here’s the route we followed as shown in the map, where we’ve gone and what we did in exact order.

Carcar City

Carcar City public market lechon stalls.
Traveled around one and half hour from Cebu City, we reached Carcar City at 6:00 in the evening. We had a short stop over as we planned, bought a kilo of lechon for 220.00 pesos and eat at the eatery along the main street.


After a sumptuous dinner in Carcar, we immediately headed to Basdaku beach in Moalboal passed by the Town of Barili where Mantayupan Falls and Molave Milk Station were located and the town of Dumanjug. We never had the chance to explore those places since It’s already night time and we planned to stay overnight at Basdaku Beach.
Arms wide open at Basdaku Beach, Moalboal
Basdaku Beach in Moalboal is known for its famous long stretch of white sand. Perfect place for beach bumming and swimming. On our case, it was a rainy night and the weather the next morning was a bit gloomy. The funny thing is, we woke up with a hangover after we drank a liter of Emperador and 4 liters of red horse when the morning came. It was a crazy night and we only had a short time to enjoy the beach before we headed to the next spot.

Kawasan Falls, Badian

Arriving in Badian, tour organizers would offer you rates for canyoneering adventure. We’re still suffering from the hangover so we just decided to sweat the alcohols out of our body by trekking to the famous Kawasan falls.

Arriving in the first fall, we trekked more to reach the second and the third fall. We stayed long at third fall and spent most of our time there since it wasn’t that crowded. Left Kawasan Falls after lunch and went driving for the next stop.

Planned to stay the coming night in Oslob, we passed by towns of Alegria, Malabuyoc and Samboan for photo opp. These places have nice parks and amazingly built churches from Spanish era.

Alegria Heritage Park

Alegria is a 4th class municipality in the province of Cebu and divided into 9 Baranggay. The Alegria has preserve heritage and beauty at the same time. It's a peaceful town just near the sea and worthy for a stop over for photo opportunity.

The Alegria Church
Watch Tower, also known as Baluarte. Built in the 1800's during the Spanish regime in the Philippines
Another view from Alegria park

Malabuyoc Peoples Palace

Few more towns to go before reaching Oslob, we never hesitate to drop by the Malabuyoc Peoples Palace located just along the highway of Poblacion Malabuyoc, Cebu. Another point of interest in the Area is the Mainit Hot spring.
The Malabuyoc Peoples Palace. :)

Samboan's Park and Church

Just like Alegria, Samboan has also preserved their heritage and maintain the beauty of their surroundings. It brings back the past that Samboan was once a place dominated by Spaniards together with its neighboring towns. The Park is where the St. Michael the Archangel Parish Church and the Campanario de Antigua are located. 

St. Michael Archangel Church is one of the oldest Spanish-built churches in Cebu.
Campanario De Antigua, built in 1798 and used as watchtower to guard against Muslim raiders.

Oslob, Cebu

Passing the town of Santander, we finally arrived at Oslob around 5:00 PM. We bought foods and planned to eat at any hostel we can get. In search of a place to stay for the night, the rain starts to fall again. We end up on the cheapest hostel just in the corner of the main highway and street going to Tumalog Falls but not too far from the Oslob whale shark orientation area. I forgot the name but I remember the worst nightmare I ever experience (really!).

Whale Shark Watching
Really a gloomy day. I hope you could see the whale shark at the back.
Woke up too early on a gloomy morning as they said it is best to go for whale shark watching around 6- 9 AM, we reach the orientation area around 6AM and paid all the dues. The weather by that time is still gloomy but we do enjoy swimming with the gentle giants despite the weather conditions.

Having fun at the Oslob whale shark watching area
Right after the whale shark watching, we drove around in search of food to fill our empty stomachs. Good thing there are carenderias along the highway. They serve affordable typical Filipino dishes.

Tumalog Falls
Way down to the falls
Tumalog Falls is around 30-45 minutes drive from Brgy. Tan-awan in Oslob. From the entry point, you have the option to walk down the road to Tumalog falls or hire a habal-habal driver to bring you back and forth. We chose to walk the almost a kilometer distance to reach the falls. Going down there is easy but to climb back up is a bit hard. We have to stop every once in a while to regain air and energy.
View of Tumalog Falls from above
Swimming area and where the water drops from the fall. Really cold.
Oslob Park, Church, and Museum
Side view of the Immaculate Conception Church, Town of Oslob, Cebu
After the two major attractions of Oslob, never miss passing by their beautiful park where the church and Museum are also located. They are actually facing the open sea making it breezy on a mid-afternoon. Unfortunately, the museum on our time of visit was closed that day but we still enjoyed the beauty around the area.
Spanish Cuartel, Oslob, Cebu
The view of Oslob Plaza facing the Sea.

Osmeña Peak, Dalaguete

Just in time for lunch, we arrived at the town proper of Dalaguete and bought some food to bring to the peak for lunch. Osmeña Peak is located at Brgy. Mantalongon so we still have to travel around 25 minutes from the town center. Arrived at Mantalongon Brgy. Hall, we left the car and ride a Habal-habal going to the jump off point where we have to pay and register. The road is unpaved and quite difficult for a car to pass by and there was no parking area. From the registration area, you can hire a guide (optional) and start trekking to the peak.
Osmeña Peak at 1,013 meters above sea level.
The trek duration to the peak is roughly 30 minutes. Weather condition that time was gloomy and the temperature is really cold plus wind is strong. Good thing we're only there for a short period.
The Gang, at the peak.

Simala-Lindogon Church, Sibonga, Cebu

After Osmeña Peak, we headed to Simala church as the final destination of our south Cebu adventures. We can't help but kneel down and pray, saying thanks for a glorious adventure. We had an awesome and safe 2 days and 2 nights tour around South Cebu and that wouldn't be possible without the guidance of our Almighty.
Simala Church
A stop for prayers at Simala is worth it. You will leave with a peaceful heart and be feeling healed of all your worries in life.

We left the church with a thankful heart and thanking each other for the company during the whole duration of our trip.

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