Camping at Samalan Camp and Sea, San Remigio, Kaputian Samal Island

The 300M stretch of white sand, my blue dome tent, and a Talisay tree.
Summer 2016 is approaching, whether you like beach bumming or go camping with family and friends, or even wanted a venue to think about everything you’re going through in life, there’s a perfect place for you.
Myself, relaxing and enjoying the view.
I am having no companion and it was a surprised I was the only person camping by the beach that day. I am telling you, it was totally serene on Samalan Camp and Sea. You know what's good about going to a place alone? You have the complete freedom and privacy and the time is yours, and yours alone without thinking of anyone else but yourself. You'll also get to enjoy and engage more on the beauty around you. Of course, if it appeals to me, it doesn't mean it also appeal to everyone.
I took a pic of these kids playing by the shore when I went outside Samalan to buy foods.
Samalan Camp and Sea is a beach resort located in Brgy. San Remigio, Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal. It’s about a half hour habal-habal ride from the docking area of Kaputian, Samal. The place is also accessible using a private vehicle by riding a barge via Sasa-Babak port but the way from Kaputian proper is unpaved, uneven and rough. If you are travelling by commuting, prepare your sunnies, cowboy hats, and respiratory mask to protect yourself from dust.
God's blessing, the Godly small boat. 

How to reach Samalan Camp and Sea

Options are available depending if you are merely a commuter or travelling with your private vehicle. See below.

Option 1 (Recommended for commuters)

From Davao City, go to Sta. Ana wharf and ride a boat bound for Kaputian, Samal. Outside the Docking Area in Kaputian, negotiate to a habal-habal driver to bring you to Samalan Camp and Sea. I was offered 200 pesos but I negotiated another driver and agreed to pay 150 pesos. If you got company, a hundred will do for a total of 200 pesos for both of you, one way. Just be reminded that last trip to Kaputian from Sta. Ana wharf is at 3:00 PM and from Kaputian, there were no boats bound to Davao after 9:00 AM.

Option 2

This option is for you when you’re going with a private vehicle. Board a barge at Sasa wharf bound to Babak Port. From the port, go to the main road and turn left. Continue driving till you reach the rotunda and turn right until you reach Babak-Kaputian road. Turn right when you reach Babak-Kaputian Road drive till you reach the town proper of Kaputian. From there, you’ll see signs along the way that will lead you to Samalan Camp and Sea. You can ask the locals if you get lost.

Going back to Davao by commuting

From Samalan, you can negotiate to any habal2 driver to send you to Kaputian port. Remember to be there before 9:00 AM as there will be no more available boats after that time. In an unfortunate situation where there’s no boat available, or you planned to go back to Davao in the afternoon, ask a habal2 to send you to Piñaplata Bus Terminal and from there, ride the Island City Express Bus back to Davao City. Travel time from Samalan Camp to Piñaplata bus terminal is approximately 1 hour and fare is 250 pesos each.


1. When negotiating with a habal-habal driver for the fare, try to haggle down to the lowest price that you can get. Some drivers will take advantage especially if you're not a local.

2. If you have a tent and comfortable sleeping like a camper, bring it. It will lessen your cost.

3. Bring foods or if you buy somewhere, try to cook/prepare it yourself to avoid paying.

Exact Itinerary 

Sample breakdown of expenses for Solo Backpacker/Camper

If you're planning to visit soon, I hope you found this article helpful. Let me hear from you by dropping a comment below.

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