Bohol: Country Side Tour for Solo Backpacker

Before anything else, I'd like to say that this trip will always be memorable to me since this was the first time I visited Bohol and my first solo travel too. I must admit that there are possibilities of danger for solo traveling specially for women but it could also be fulfilling in so many ways. Going alone is fun, you'll get to meet a lot of people and talk and learn a lot from them.

Photo taken at Bohol Provincial Capitol located in the city of Tagbilaran.
So, to finally begin this, before I set foot to Bohol I have already booked my flight, made my research for my itinerary, booked for my accommodation trough AirBnB and already hired someone to tour me around with his Motor Bike (habal-habal) which is the cheapest way if you're going alone.

Arrived in Mactan-Cebu Airport at 1:30 PM on January 21, 2016, I hailed a taxi going to Pier One-Pier Uno as most Cebuano called it and  just in the entrance I lined up to purchase my Ocean Jet ferry ticket bound for Tagbilaran City, Bohol. The taxi cost me 210 pesos, and the ferry ticket is 800 -tourist class. That's including my return ferry ticket scheduled at 1:00 PM on January 24, 2016.

I was late for the 2:00 PM ferry schedule so I took my lunch inside the Pier Uno Terminal and waited for the next departure which is at 4:20 PM. The travel time from Cebu to Tagbilaran is two hours so I arrived at 6:20 in the evening. Luckily, my AirBnB host Joannie and Humpry offered to fetch me at the sea port when I told them ahead of time about my expected arrival time. They actually tour me a bit in Tagbilaran after and treat me out for Dinner in Baluarte, just near the ruined and under construction Baclayon Church. I was so lucky that night for meeting these good people.

On my second day, January 22, 2016, my real Bohol solo adventure begins. I had my breakfast in a food chain in the downtown of Tagbilaran and I ask my tour guide/driver Kuya Ryan to meet me there. At exactly 8:00 AM, we left.

Below, I will post the details and photos of my Bohol Country Side Tour in chronological order.

Bilar Mahogany Man-made Forest

The Bilar man-made forest is a 2 kilometer stretch of  mahogany trees located on the border of Loboc and Bilar. This is actually on the road going to the famous Chocolate Hills.
Bilar man-made forest with a bus bound to Carmen
I called this "Sagasa pose" because at any time a vehicle will pass and could possibly hit me.

Chocolate Hills

For Filipinos, who doesn't know about this? Located in Carmen, Bohol these 1,776 hills were scattered at  an area of more than 50 sq. kilometers. They are covered with grass and they turned chocolate in color during the dry season. I explored around for an hour using a rented ATV and they are truly wondrous.
Enjoying the ride and the view.
My guide told me to pose this way just to add a little drama. I like it. lol

The Shiphous

This ship-shaped house is becoming a famous tourist stop over in Bohol located along the highway of Poblacion Norte, Batuan, Bohol. We passed through it when we are on our way to Carmen but decided to have photo opp on our way back. It is said that the owner of the house was a successful sailor named Capt. Gaudencio Dumapias.
The compulsory pose at the shiphous.

Tarsier Conservation Area

Located in Upper Bonbon, Loboc the conservation area is just a stone throw away from the famous mahogany man-made forest. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take good photos of the tarsiers since I am only using a phone camera and their area is enclosed with nets that serve as the tourist boundary. I saw them for the first time and they are like tiny little monkeys with big eyes.

The postcard is free/included in the entrance fee.
Tarsier Conservation Area welcome sign.

Sevilla Bamboo Hanging Bridge

Originally made with just a rope and bamboos, today the rope has made itself into steel cables making it more safe and stable for the tourist that crosses on it. It's a fun experience with a view of the wide and clean river. Souvenirs and snacks are available for sale on the other side (Hello by adele, lol).
Photo credit to

Loboc River Cruise

It is also one of the top tourist destination of Bohol and it's best to spend your lunch in here. For a price of 450.00 pesos per pax, you'll get to experience the buffet lunch and the river cruise. The whole experience was relaxing and with the mellow songs played in the background it made me feel asleep. haha Maybe because I am alone and have nobody to talk with. But it's really worth it and I love how clean the river is. Just look at the pictures.

The port where you have to register for the buffet lunch and the river cruise.
This is what the boat that is used for the river cruise in Loboc looks like.

Python Sanctuary

Located in Laya, Baclayon Bohol, it is the home of  Bohol's beloved and the country's superstar python Prony which already died on August 2013. Its body is still preserved there for the tourist to see. There are many types of animals there but famous to local and international tourists is the chance to have a photo with the pythons.

This is the preserved body of Prony
The yellow Burmese Python is named Mica weighing 45 kilos.

Blood Compact Monument

The blood compact monument is located exactly where it happened on March 16, 1565, at J.P Inting Street, Tagbilaran City. Blood compact is done by two contracting parties by cutting wrists and pour their blood into a glass and drink the mixture . In this instance, it is between the Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna, the Chieftain of Bohol. This ritual is intended to seal a friendship or treaty and to validate an agreement.
The Blood Compact between Legazpi and Sikatuna.
After the blood compact, I ask kuya Ryan to bring me to the Capitol (first photo above) so I can take photos at the I Love Bohol sign at the Capitol. Right after that, he sent me to the Island City mall where I withdraw cash at the ATM, bought some personal stuff and spent my dinner at the food court. I made my way back to my AirBnB house on my own after.

Additional Information

*Motor Bike Rental for whole day 1200 including gas and driver fee. Please contact Sir Tatsky for booking 09291976766 or Kuya Ryan 09108820519. Price may change.
*For my AirBnB accommodation CLICK HERE.
*You may also find accommodation that suits your budget below.

If you still have questions about my tour experience, comment bellow.

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