Dahican: The Pride of Mati City, Davao Orriental

Waking up excited and full of enthusiasm, we are bound to hit the road early to reach the destination before lunch time for we know it will be quite a long ride before we arrive at Dahican in Mati City, province of Davao Oriental.

Our journey was roughly three and a half hours via private transportation from Davao City but in my opinion, the travel time would only depend on how much time you spend on every stopover. 

If you’re going on a public transport, there are buses bound to Mati from Ecoland Overland Transport Terminal. UV Express is also an alternative to reach Mati City faster. The terminal is located beside Gaisano Mall of Davao in JP laurel (Bajada) Street. I am not sure of the fair, but according to my research, it would cost you around 220 for non-air and 260 pesos for air-conditioned buses and UV Express. From the town of Mati City, take a tricycle or single motorcycle (habal-habal) to Dahican. Fair is 50 pesos.

Mati City is the only city and the capital of the province of Davao Oriental. The famous destination almost everyone in the locality would suggest is Dahican beach where we are headed.

Prior to reaching downtown of Mati City, there are two famous spot people use to stop for photo ops or a short break.

Davao Oriental Welcome Park

This is located on the road side with a huge welcome sign to let all the travelers know that they are entering the province. There are stores in the area where you can buy foods and drinks.

Sleeping Dinosaur

From the distance, this body of land do look like an enormous reptile sleeping gently on the side of the sea. It will make you wonder how Mother Nature successfully made a magnificent view such as the sleeping dinosaur.

Not too long after the sleeping dinosaur, we reached the city of Mati. Around five kilometers from the City proper is where Dahican lie.

Dahican Beach

With a long stretch of white sand, this beach facing the Pacific Ocean is worth a visit. Beautiful as many describes, the beach is the pride of Mati and is truly a place everyone will enjoy.

Things to do in Dahican

There are various activities you can enjoy aside from swimming in Dahican.

Surfing-Even if you’re not a hobbyist or a professional surfer and just wanted to experience, locals would willingly give you lessons and rent a board for a price of 500 pesos an hour. Dahican is perfect spot for surfing for it has big waves coming from the pacific. Amihan boys are great instructors.

Skim Boarding-Also an exciting water sport, board rental is available for 100 pesos an hour. Amihan boys would gladly teach you how to at an agreed price.

Kayaking-Botona resort allow its guests to rent a kayak for a rate of 300 pesos per hour.

Accommodation in Dahican

Accommodation in Dahican is not really a problem if you are not picky. Some resorts like Botona has fine rooms to offer for overnight goers. There are open cottages too if you’re going on a day and if you want you can set up a camping tent like we do. Bringing a hammock is also useful, in fact I slept on a hammock tied on a coconut tree that night.

All in all, I had fun. Fun matters on the type of people you’re with, I guess. That’s why I love to go with fun people. Who never wanted fun by the way? :)

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